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By Chris Ryan

ISBN-10: 1407050141

ISBN-13: 9781407050140

Set in Scotland, Alpha strength are assisting out on a survival open air event vacation programme for challenge little ones once they stumble throughout facts of an unlawful medicinal drugs laboratory, hidden excessive at the moors at the laird's land. High-speed chases with quad motorcycles and 4x4 cars throughout state in addition to survival talents like rafting, abseiling and mountaineering carry this l0th actionpacked experience to the united kingdom with a dramatic storyline concentrating on one in all modern day significant difficulties - dressmaker medicines and their manufacture.

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They heard footsteps on the gravel. Alex was coming out of the kitchen, his hands curled around a mug of coffee. He looked pale, there were hollows under his eyes and he was moving gingerly.

Amber came in. ’ She trailed off as she saw Hex sitting with his back to the wardrobe. ’ Then she spotted Alex. ’ Alex realized he had something on his ears. Hex’s Bluetooth headphones. He took them off and noticed that on the bedside table the lamp was on and Hex’s palmtop was showing the ‘battery dead’ symbol. Then he remembered. ‘Alex got drugged at the rave,’ said Hex. Amber’s eyes went wide. ’ He got to his feet. ‘You sleep a bit longer if you need to, Alex. ’ He grabbed a towel from a chair.

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