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By David and Benjamin Bederson Bates

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W. 6 k (a;') FIG. 15. Singlet and triplet s-wave phase shifts for electron-positronium scattering. The upper set of curves are the triplet phase shifts, to which R radians have been added, and the lower , Accurate variational results; ---, static exchange approximation. set are the singlet. - p-wave electron-positronium scattering is required for an accurate calculation of the photodetachment cross section of Ps-. This can be written in several formally equivalentways (Bhatiaand Drachman, 1986), the simplest of which is (in units of aaf) where the dipole transition operator is QL = * (ri +W 2 ) 27 POSITRONIUM FORMATION AND INTERACTION and R2 = r2 - frl , v/k is the p-wave electron - positronium wave function with electron wave numberk, o is the angular frequency, or, in our units, the energy of the photon, and a is the fine structure constant.

As well as the positron itself. If the e+- e- separation is small enough for there to be significant Coulomb attraction between them, the pair can unite to form Ps. The process is described by the reaction [e+ e-] + [PSI in contrast to the Ore model reaction e+ M + M + Ps. Spur reactions are expected to occur when the free electrons and the positron become thermalized in a medium of permittivity E , at temperature T, and their separation is of the same order of magnitude as the Onsanger distance r,, which is given by + r, = e2/4mkT + + (2) 47 POSITRON A N D POSITRONIUM PHYSICS This is the separation for which the Coulomb potential energy between the (e+,e-) pair is equal to the thermal energy and Ps formation may occur if the spur radius R is also of the same order of magnitude as r,.

Phys. 15, 101. Humberston, J. W. (1982). Can. J. Phys. 60, 591. Humberston, J. W. (1984). J. Phys. B 17,2353. Humberston, J. , and Campeanu, R. I. ( 1 980). J. Phys. B 13,4907. Humberston, J. , and Wallace, J. B. G. (1972). J. Phys. B 5, 1138. Hylleraas, E. , and Ore, A. ( 1 947). Phys. Rev. 71,493. , and Ghosh, A. S. (1983). Phys. Rev. A 28,2 I8 1 . , and Fraser, P. A. (1967). Proc. lnt. Conf:Phys. Electron. At. Collisions,5th p. 110. Leventhal, M. (1986). In “Positron (Electron)-Gas Scattering” (W.

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