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The natural gas would be produced in the United States. At the same time, electric power companies that now use natural gas would switch over to wind power. S. companies. Pickens has discussed his plan with political leaders. He has also explained his plan in TV ads. He has invested his own money in companies that produce natural gas and wind power. coal below. Nearby streams are clogged with rocks from the blasts. Mountaintop removal can produce a great deal of coal, but it can also pollute streams and turn beautiful peaks into ugly stumps.

Why is Earth getting warmer? Scientists blame greenhouse gases. Some of these gases are naturally found in Earth’s 33 COAL, OIL, AND NATURAL GAS ? Air Pollution from Fossil Fuels ? D ou K n o w Y id Coal and oil contain many different substances. When coal and oil are burned, some of these substances pollute the air. Air pollution takes many different forms. Soot and smoke can make breathing difficult. Carbon monoxide, a gas that comes from car and truck exhaust, can cause headaches. Pollution from cars, factories, and electric power plants can lead to smog, which can cause lung damage.

That adds up to more than $1,100 for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Other Kinds of Costs Using fossil fuels costs more than dollars. It can also cost lives. Each year, the world loses thousands of people in coal mine accidents. Thousands more suffer from black lung disease. Miners get this disease when they breathe in coal dust. Black lung disease makes breathing difficult. S. miners. The United States has passed laws to improve mine safety, but not all mines obey them. Some types of coal mining can harm the environment.

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