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By Jesse M. Kinder, Philip Nelson

ISBN-10: 0691170509

ISBN-13: 9780691170503

Python is a working laptop or computer programming language that's speedily becoming more popular through the sciences. A Student's advisor to Python for actual Modeling goals that can assist you, the scholar, train your self adequate of the Python programming language to start with actual modeling. you are going to the best way to set up an open-source Python programming surroundings and use it to complete many universal clinical computing projects: uploading, exporting, and visualizing information; numerical research; and simulation. No previous programming event is assumed.

This instructional specializes in basics and introduces quite a lot of invaluable thoughts, including:

  • Basic Python programming and scripting
  • Numerical arrays
  • Two- and 3-dimensional graphics
  • Monte Carlo simulations
  • Numerical equipment, together with fixing usual differential equations
  • Image processing
  • Animation

Numerous code samples and exercises--with solutions--illustrate new rules as they're brought. Web-based assets additionally accompany this consultant and comprise code samples, facts units, and more.

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For example, to get a slice of the third column of a matrix, you could use A[start:end:stride,2]. Suppose that you have been given experimental data in an array A with two columns. For your analysis, you need to divide the two columns of data into separate arrays. size(A, 1) x = A[0:N:1, 0] y = A[0:N:1, 1] A colon all by itself represents every allowed value of an index (that is, start=0, end=-1, stride=1). arange(20) a[:] a[::] a[5:15] a[5:15:3] a[5::] a[:5:] a[::5] Explain the output you get from each line.

If this happens, you could lose everything you have not saved, so be sure to save your work frequently. 5 ARRAY OPERATIONS One reason to use arrays is that NumPy has a very concise syntax for handling repetitive operations on arrays. NumPy can calculate the square root of every element in an array or compute the sum of each column in a matrix much more rapidly than a for loop designed to do the same thing. Applying an operation to an entire array instead a single number (scalar) is called vectorization of the operation.

1. Another use of backslash is to code special characters, such as newline (\n) and tab (\t). 2. Jump to Contents Jump to Index 28 Chapter 2 Structure and Control A string may contain a collection of digits that looks like a number, for example, s='123'. However, Python still considers such a value to be a string, not the number 123. Try typing a = '123' b = a + 1 Python issues a TypeError when you try to add a number to a string. However, you can convert a string to a number. 14159", but it does not know how to create an integer from a string that contains a decimal point.

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