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By Gerd Hardack, Dieter Karras, Ben Fine

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336). And shortly afterward she repeated this claim (as she was to do on several subsequent occasions) in her introduction (1966, p. ix) to a translation of some of Kalecki's essays which appeared under the title Studies in the Theory of Business Cycles: 1933-1939 (1966). In his own foreword to this book, however, Kalecki himself made no reference to the relation between his work and the General Theory, just as he had not done so in his earlier publications in English. 30 Kalecki's Relevance Today When, however, three of these same essays were reprinted in few years later in his Selected Essays on the Dynamics of the Capitalist Economy: 1933-1970 (Kalecki, 1971), Kalecki described them 'as papers published in 1933, 1934, and 1935 in Polish before Keynes' General Theory appeared, and containing, I believe, its essentials' (Kalecki, 1971, p.

In his foreword to this book, Kalecki gave the following description of the relation between this chapter and his 1933 essay: The Outline of a Theory of the Business Cycle is the first (and most essential) part of my booklet An Essay on the Theory of [the] Business Cycle which was published in 1933. I supplemented this study by a short passage concerning the problem of the money market taken from my Essai d'une theorie du mouvement cyclique des aifaires published in the French quarterly Revue d' Economie Politique, March- April 1935.

Robinson, Joan (1966) 'Introduction' to Kalecki (1966), pp. vii-xii. Robinson, Joan (1969a) Introduction to the Theory of Employment, 2nd edn (London: Macmillan). Robinson, Joan (1969b) The Economics of Imperfect Competition, 2nd edn (London: Macmillan). Robinson, Joan (1973) Collected Economic Papers, Vol. IV (Oxford: Basil Blackwell). Robinson, Joan (1979) The Generalisation of the General Theory and Other Essays (2nd edn of Robinson, 1952) (London: Macmillan). Robinson, Joan (1980) Collected Economic Papers, Vol.

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A Short History of Socialist Economic Thought by Gerd Hardack, Dieter Karras, Ben Fine

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