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By David J. Fekete

ISBN-10: 0875861954

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Shun all leisurely ways. Idleness tempts you to love, and idleness watches its captives, . . Toss your leisure away, and you’ve broken the arrows of Cupid, Toss your leisure away, his torch is extinguished and scorned. . So does Venus delight in idleness: keep yourself busy If you would drive her away; if you are busy, you’re safe (pp. 185, 186). Ovid lists some activities you might want to take up. There is law; you may need to defend a friend in court. Then there is war — help Caesar against the Parthians.

134-135). Ovid contrasts the pure love of a mistress with the legally-enforced attachment of marriage. For him, the love of a mistress is not bound by anything other than love itself. /Love is your warrant and bond, love holds the office of law,” (p. 135). Can’t we apply the same advice in a marriage? Shouldn’t you continue to expend effort to make your married partner “glad you are there”? Perhaps the reason that so many marriages fail these days is that people forget to continue employing their “arts of love” after being together for an extended period of time.

What is harder than rock, or more gentle than water? Yet the water in time hollows the rigidest stone. Ovid continually encourages his student to keep up his hope, even if she won’t respond at first: What if she reads, and won’t answer? Do not attempt any pressure. Only supply her with more flattering missives to read. What she is willing to read, some day she’ll be willing to answer — Every thing in its time, every thing by degrees. . So go on with your work; some day the day will be won (pp.

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