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By Alan Judd

ISBN-10: 1471101045

ISBN-13: 9781471101045

After college and Sandhurst, Charles Thoroughgood has now joined the attack Commados and is on a four-month journey of responsibility in Armagh and Belfast. The thankless job dealing with him and his males -- to patrol the tension-filled streets via weeks of boredom punctuated through bursts of horror -- takes them via occasions of tragedy, insanity, laughter and terror.

Alan Judd tells Thoroughgood's story with verve, compassion and humour. the result's a really effective novel which blends sour human incident with military farce.

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Therefore, a great number of posterns were already made in fortifications built at the turn of the 4th/3rd centuries B C , as for instance, at Heracleia on Latmus or Ephesus. In their attempt to adjust to more aggressive siegecraft, the fortifications themselves became more visually striking. Fortifications built in the late 4th century BC - for example, those at Colophon, Erythrae and Priene - carry notable stretches of cremaillere (jogs) providing for the enfilade of any approach routes. Moreover, half-round towers probably filled with rubble to the height of the wall-walks were built in numbers at Colophon.

A similar fate befell Iasus. The defensive wall once surrounding the city on the peninsula was also seriously destroyed when it was used as a quarry for the Bebek jetty in Istanbul in 1889. The destruction was so complete that the researchers visiting the site in 1954, before archaeological excavation had started, discovered no remains of the Hellenic or Hellenistic wall. Even today, after all the excavation, the Greek fortifications are extremely difficult to make out, and plans are usually drawn on the basis of sketches and drawings made before 1889.

This stone breastwork was possibly crowned with wooden merlons or a half-timber and half-mud-brick parapet. 34 there the curtains of the fort stand to their full height (c. 8m) and are crowned with a wall-walk overhanging the inner side. The parapet is made from stone blocks only c. 85m in height, and it seems to have been this low in ancient times as well. This stone breastwork was probably crowned with wooden merlons or half-timber and half-mud-brick parapet. A doorway still exists in the north wall - it was possibly the only entrance to the fort.

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